Under maintainance

All the pictures were off the walls, exposing the craters where I had tried – unsuccessfully – to hammer nails in. Everything that was once scattered throughout my studio was now bundled high in one corner. It didn’t all fit there so some of it got shoved in bedrooms, bathrooms, on the kitchen counter.

Painting the inside of a house can be an overwhelming job, especially if, like me, you decide to use the opportunity to do a spot of Spring cleaning at the same time.

Cupboards and drawers were unpacked, belongings sorted into piles to throw away, keep, or re-home. As I stood back and surveyed the chaos, and felt so overwhelmed. I didn’t want to do this anymore. It was suddenly a lot harder and a lot more work than I had bargained for.

But I reminded myself WHY I was doing this. I wanted a clean, uncluttered home. A fresh lick of paint on the walls to brighten the studio. I kept this image in my mind and pushed forward – one thing at a time – with the help of a lot of coffee and ~whine~ wine.

I’m thrilled with the end result. This is something that has been nagging me for a while. And I knew that if I didn’t start, it would never get done. But once I started and got into a flow, and kept putting one foot in front of the other, it was like a burden had been lifted. Even if it felt like I was running a six-month-long endurance marathon rather than a weekend cleaning frenzy.

It’s like that with a lot of things in life, isn’t it? Everything seems daunting and unachievable and so, so hard. That’s because, instead of taking it one step at a time, we look at the enormity of the whole task and decide to rather sit on the couch and not budge. Just start. Do one little thing. Take the pictures off the wall today. Tomorrow, clean out one drawer. Get going and do one little thing at a time. Eventually, it starts building up (the effort, not the clutter) and, finally, you’ve achieved what it is you’ve been meaning to achieve for so long. And it feels amazing!

I felt the same way about my app. I’ve been putting it off and putting it off, demotivated by the sheer amount of work and effort and learning that needed to go into it. And then I started. And it got overwhelming at stages and I wanted to quit. No one wanted to watch videos of me on an app, right??

But, again, I kept reminding myself WHY I was doing this and kept pushing forward, one video at a time, one edit at a time until, pretty soon, I’ll have a complete, functional app that I can share with you and take my business and your training to entirely new levels! Now, if you don’t have time to travel to my studio, or you can’t afford personal training, or if you’d just prefer to workout on your own terms, I’ll be there to guide you from the palm of your hand.

I took a break from my app this weekend to work on my home and declutter my space, which, I believe, will also help to declutter my mind. And, without thinking about the app, I subconsciously came up with a few great ideas. I jotted them down so that I wouldn’t forget them, but then I carried on with my cleaning project.

My brain needed the break – although a holiday in Hawaii would have been much better! But I have a renewed sense of excitement to get my app off the ground. And now that my home is spick and span, I have more mental capacity to focus on it.

Launch date is getting close! Pre-bookings open on 27 August with the official launch happening on 1 September. Pricing details will be shared soon but I hope to see you there!

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