that you are ready to be freed from your cocoon and to be transformed into the strong, beautiful butterfly that is hidden within. I believe that I can help you to step into the light and to embrace summer as a confident, healthy, strong and happy person. I believe that I can help you to embrace the Pilates mind set, thereby transforming your life and become the best possible you. I have experienced the emotional journey you are currently walking. The challenges which have shaped my life in an unforgettable way and the lessons learned, I carry with me every day.

I chose to change my lifestyle and am passionate about helping others reach their full potential to live a happy and healthy life.


Individual Class

Private Pilates lessons can assist with specific goals such as weight loss and control, pain relief, or injury rehabilitation. Pilates is also a great form of exercise to help both Men and Pregnant women to strengthen their core.

Duo Classes

It makes sense that when couples participate in Pilates activities together, their bond ultimately grows stronger.

Group Class

When you take the Pilates journey with others, you feel less stress and anxiety about the process and get to enjoy a unique fellowship based on motivation.

Children Pilates

Through Pilates, children can gain awareness of their body, and learn how to move efficiently and gracefully. As children grow, their bodies are in a constant state of change and development.

Online Classes

If you are a mum with a young baby or toddler and can’t get out of the house easily or just need a kick ass instructor to help you to get into shape, all this is also now available over Skype.

Creativity makes you brave and disperses your fears. Creativity lets you be spontaneous and flexible.

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Founder Christiane Ebert has a caring background in nursing which she translated to her passion for wellness through movement in order for people to achieve their health and fitness goals. With 22 years of experience in the fitness industry, she specializes in spinning, body conditioning and Pilates training for a well-rounded approach to strength, endurance and flexibility. Her knowledge of endurance and strength training has allowed her to tailor her Pilates instruction into something unique – a service that offers not only core conditioning and mental focus but also overall strength, flexibility and perseverance.



Are you having a hard time with life? I’m only a Skype call away or pop in for class to clear your head.


International Online Service

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