Losing the Plot….

Losing the plot…

I’ve mastered all the forms, one by one. Just getting started helped. Then, scanning in ID’s, passports, and then even more forms need to be stamped and authenticated.

Lots of stamping and signing to do.


I don’t have a desk anymore, so all this happens on my dining room table, between teaching and coaching. In truth, my desk would be too small for that level of organized chaos of papers.


I am still trying to sort out the mess of my own electricity and water meters for my house. To refresh your memory, I bought a house which has the only water and power meters linked to 4 stands, which means I am paying my neighbours water and electricity. To get that sorted is a lengthy, painful process.

It’s taken 18-months to get the house into my name, and now, I am moving and renting out the house. But it gives me huge comfort that my son and his family will enjoy it until they go to Australia.


Then I added to my own business – I started selling dōTERRA essential Oils. Guess what, I had forms to fill out for that too. I absolutely love them, and they go so beautifully with my Pilates and Coaching business. Actually, I’ve become quite passionate about them. Send me a message if you would like to hear more about them.


In between, I am trying to be a supportive mum. And when I get a string of voice notes from my teenager at 10pm then they are important, but not necessarily sleep inducing afterwards.


And guess what? No, you’ll never guess!!!

I had no power this morning and needed to cancel my first class.


So, let’s see what the rest of the day brings.


Lots of love, Christiane




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