Elaine Roos

I wanted to have a fit and healthy pregnancy, after all I was considered a geriatric mother!!!.  I contacted Christiane, her page kept popping up on my FB feed and a couple of my friends had liked it.  I was encouraged by her enthusiasm and knowledge.  She referred me to testimonials from another pregnant woman. We discussed fees and she sent me a questionnaire.

It felt like a lot of money but after chatting it through with my hubby, he said something that really stood out.  “If you aren’t prepared to spend what you make in an hour on yourself, once a week, then what is the point of working”. So true, and I wasn’t just spending the money, I was investing it into my and my baby’s future.  So it was settled.  I started classes the next week.

Christiane has been amazing. Throughout the pregnancy and on to the next one.  She has supported me, aligned my program with my goals (and schedule), she has been flexible and creates an amazing place for me to go every week.  The results spoke for themselves.  Even though I was a geriatric mom, my labour was under 4 hours and I was back in pre-pregnancy clothes within 2 weeks of giving birth.  And have never felt stronger.

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