I am not unbreakable….

I am not unbreakable…

I am sitting here on my bed thinking, ‘Why I am up since 3am?’, not knowing what to do with myself…

In the movies you would now see “2 days earlier” appearing on the screen.


As you know, my son is moving into my house in a month’s time. But, before we drive each other crazy and to be fair to each other, they are living for a month in a cottage. Teaching with a lovely, adorable, chatty 4-year-old in the house is rather difficult, and our nerves are all a bit stressed.


Since yesterday, my garage looks like a perfect game of Tetris and inside my house its organized chaos.

I am making the most of the view angles on zoom for my studio, to place stuff out of sight.

All this was still exciting, and I love working together with my family, but once they were gone, I realized that I had handed my house over. It made things so much more real and emotional. Don’t get me wrong, I am so excited for them to live in my house.


It started on Friday afternoon with settling in my daughter-in-law’s cat. He is so old and adorable, you can’t help but love him. But by Saturday morning, day of their big move, I could not find the cat.

Really!? I can’t even look one night after a cat.

Thank goodness he had only climbed out of the one window, through the chicken wire on the window, and climbed back into the lounge window. I thought I would have a heart attack.


Fast forward to all the moving done and a G&T with the girls. I was exhausted.

Cuddling with Luke and watching TV seemed ideal until I woke up at 3am, wide awake. I was wired and news of lockdown in the UK until 2 December didn’t exactly calm my mind. At least we only flying on the 5th. I have so much to do still and my movers will arrive on 23 November.


I don’t want anything to go wrong anymore, but I just have to have faith and believe. It is out of my control.

As so many times before, we have to trust in the journey, go with the flow, enjoy the experience, as we will never have these moments again.

Just as my move to SA 36 years ago was a once off, every minute in your life is a once off. If you realize that, then you have to enjoy and experience every moment.

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