I am not gonna miss that….

I am not gonna miss that…

As it’s not enough hectic figuring out what to take and what to throw away, what to sell and what to give away, it increases the stress level a tad when the electricity goes on and off all the time.


1 minute on, 1 minute off and so on until eventually no power at all.


Four calls to the COJ and a week and a half later, lets me hope that it is sorted by end today, meaning Thursday night.

I mean we have all gotten used to the South African invention of Load Shedding. We grind our teeth through it, but when on top of it another measure of no electricity supply is invented, then I lose the plot.

Bad enough that it means no coffee in the morning – I head with my eyes half open to the coffee machine before I teach in every morning – but it’s the worry of can I teach a class or not. It is not good for my stress levels.


Let’s hope it’s sorted.


My big pieces of Pilates equipment are gone from my studio and it sounds quite hollow. The one who enjoys this the most is my granddaughter as she now has so much more room to dance.


My cats are leaving for their new home tomorrow and I am dreading it. But they are really going to an amazing household, so I am happy.


Step by step we are going forward on this very emotional journey




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