Sink or Swim

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you were standing on a beach and a tsunami was hurtling your way? Would you try to run? I’d probably be too shit scared to move and would just wait for the impact. My life would flash before my eyes. I’d like to think it would only be the good stuff. Right now, though, when I’m in no immediate danger, I feel like a tsunami is racing towards me – only it’s all the chaos that’s flashing before my eyes:
  • There’s still so much to declutter and pack before we move – In. Less. Than. Three. Weeks!
  • How to squeeze in shuttling Sophie to her five-thousand-a-week dance classes;
  • Teaching my private clients at home, teaching clients at the gym, teaching clients at Nestle;
  • Prepping classes and planning my Health & Wellness coaching sessions;
  • Studying;
  • Housework and cooking;
  • Working on my app;
  • Squeezing in my own training and personal grooming so that I don’t look like a gorilla;
  • Ensuring three cats are fed
You get my drift.
I’m frozen in place. Running away is futile, so I’m just waiting for the impact, i.e. a mental breakdown! Do you feel it, too? Pure chaos.
There wasn’t much I could do during a recent bout of loadshedding, and I could feel myself slipping into depression. So I got out my journal, but rather than writing about the chaos in my life, I looked at each stressful situation and tried to find the positive angle. And I was amazed at what I came up with – and about how much I have to be thankful for.
  • I’m moving into my dream space – In. Less. Than. Three. Weeks!
  • Sophie is a gifted dancer and dancing makes her happy;
  • I have wonderful clients;
  • I love studying, learning new things, and applying my knowledge in my life coaching business;
  • Housework and cooking = roof over my head and food in my belly;
  • My app lets me teach clients all over the world and, again, I’m learning a new skill;
  • I feel so much better about myself after a good workout, shower, or haircut;
  • I have three happy, content, purring animals surrounding me and keeping me warm.
Looking at it from this perspective, I realised that I don’t have much to complain about. It was my a-ha moment for the week. I have accomplished a lot. Big things and small things. Easy things and hard things. Some that I worked my butt off for; others that I feel like I manifested with the right mindset and energy.
It’s hard to remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. It takes one block, one step at a time to build an empire. We’re all on this journey called life. It won’t always be smooth sailing. We’ll encounter many waves along the way. Some will be fun to ride. Others will knock the wind out of us and leave us gasping for breath. But they teach us lessons and make us stronger. It’s all part of the journey to be better, happier humans. Not everything is going to be perfect all the time. And that’s ok.
So I encourage you to try this exercise this week. Focus on the progress you’ve made with each challenge you think up. If you get stuck, get in touch. We’ll brainstorm is together.
Good luck and be gentle on yourself.
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