And you are good enough !

Doesn’t that look good ?
Homemade rye bread .
I am tired of buying bread for my 13 year old which has so much nonsense in it . And suddenly wholesome sandwiches get eaten in the lunch box and not thrown away.
13 year old dancers need real food .
One of my big issues are eating disorders . Dancers are highly effected by it but so are most young girls if not the boys as well .
Let’s educate them with love and understanding that they are good enough and if there weight matters due to sporting needs than they can be addressed in a healthy way .
I have been there , I know the trauma of an eating disorder and met many psychologists who had no clue how to address the issue or even understand it .
I am not a medically trained expert in eating disorders but I walked the talk .
I have a background in nursing , 30 years of anorexia/ bulimia ( on and off ) and 26 years of fitness and exercise teaching experience. I went from terrifyingly thin to totally over the top after every pregnancy , lost the weight in an healthy fashion only to start again . A vision circle of self destruction. Why ? Many reasons but one definitely ‘ I didn’t like myself ! ‘. One of My tools for measuring my self worth was how much other people like me .
Oh boy ! This took many years of … guess what ? Psychological therapy ? NO!
But effective coaching by one of the best coaches in the industry! Thank you Anel Bester.
Today I offer my services to you :
– Health&Wellness Coaching on – & offline
– coaching on how to cope with eating disorders , families included
– weight loss for fitness
– weight loss for busy mums to loose your baby weight
– weight loss for the woman who wants it all but feels totally overwhelmed
– motivation
– goal setting
– accountability
– on and off line exercise training
– exercising independently over an interactive Exercise APP to rule out injuries
– pilates and fitness classes in my studio

How can I help ?

Contact me and break the vicious cycle of self sabotage and unhappiness .

With love and care Christiane

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