And the journey continues….

And the journey continues…

We have a deadline!

This is an important step for me, for several reasons:

  • I am starting to get excited. I mean we all get excited when we fly away on a trip,
  • I have something real in my hands to work towards,
  • I could notify the school and cancel subscriptions,
  • I could sell my household and deal with the moving company for the remaining items,
  • I am still in limbo, but not as bad.

But this step, packing up house things, comes with a whole lot of triggers and emotions. Often its demons from the past appearing in a box which I’d packed up so nicely, right at the back of the cupboard.

But how to deal with them now? Practically this is a new start, so the dustbin is a good option. Or, if it is necessary to keep that box, seal it and forget about it.


Then comes the feelings when your much-loved, and some newly acquired, furniture walks past you and out of the house with other people. Mostly I was very fortunate that these pieces went to people who I care a lot about, so somehow that makes me feel they found a good home. Somehow just THAT feeling made it worthwhile giving my stuff away.


Then there is the part with my puppies and cats. For various reasons I can’t take them with me, and finding new homes was tearing my heart out. The Scotty Rescue has been amazing and found both puppies an incredible new home. I am so grateful for this.

Hopefully, my cats will move to their new forever home weekend.


When my puppies left, I started my class in tears. I don’t normally do that but those eyes, asking me what’s going on was too much. But I knew I had made the right choice.

I get regular updates from their new mums and they are so happy. It still tugs on my heartstrings and probably will for a while.


For now, the unpacking of cupboards continues and I will tell you more next time.


Lots of love, Christiane




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