And finally the story is out ….

And finally, the story is out…

I am known for jumping in at the deep end of the pool and then considering if I can swim.

Yet, it takes me ages at times to make a decision.

I don’t like too much change when I feel safe in the current situation.

I can be a pain that way. I can stomp my feet and dig my heels in and be a stubborn donkey. But this time I jumped in the deep end because the universe gave me a big boot up the butt in the form of BREXIT. I was shoved in.


Ok, now swim!


I mean how bad can it be, after 36 years to leave South Africa and move to the UK.

Germany would have been easier, I lived there before. But I didn’t want to live in Germany.

And since my son is moving to Australia, once the borders reopen, all my kids apart from my 15-year-old will have left South Africa.


When my girls left a few years ago, a part of me was taken away. I could only pretend for so long that they are on holiday. I was heartbroken and promised that I would one day be reunited with them. But I had always said that Sophie must finish school first…. little did I know.

On the day we decided to make our move, that we would have 3-months total to go.


Here’s another trait about me, if it is not absolutely urgent, I really have to force myself to do things – step by step and not wait until I can literally touch that we are leaving. I function best under pressure.

My emotions are going up and down like a yo-yo and so far, I haven’t really dealt with them.

36 years ago, I found myself in a similar situation and it’s taken a long time to sink in what the emotional implications are.


I am very good with coaching others through various processes in their life. This is my absolute passion but coaching yourself is different.

A successful businesswoman is supposed to function, always have her ducks in a row and just get on with creating success.

I have not done any business creating since I made the decision to leave South Africa. I could not bring myself to write articles on Facebook and Instagram or send out a blog, never mind host a Facebook Live.

How could I write about something which seemed still so abstract to me and with all the Covid-19 scenarios had the potential to go still wrong.

It is much easier to sell all of your stuff and stand in the queue to get your SA passport renewed than dealing with having to leave my son and his family, giving up my whole life here and starting from scratch in the UK.

If I allow myself to think too much about my feelings, I won’t be able to function properly.

After all, I teach Pilates and help my clients to achieve their amazing goals and conquer their difficult life situations on a daily basis. Which means I have to be present.

Where do my emotions fit in? Generally, I put a big lid on it.


I want to keep you all part of my journey by writing about it. This way I can help myself, work through my emotions and I get to stay in touch with you all. I’m sure I am not the only one at the moment to face similar big situations.


Share my blog if you like. You can subscribe to it on my website at



All Pilates classes will continue as usual via Zoom, almost seamlessly from the UK. So, in this respect, nothing changes.


Life Coaching session can be booked with me via my email. Our sessions are held over Zoom.

So, nothing changes here either.


I will keep you updated with more news about my journey soon.


lots of Love Christiane


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