OMW!! The gremlins hit the Link! All fixed and waiting for Action!

Wow… So many things have gone through my mind since my last blog, and I know, it has been a while.
I had to do some self-work.

I’ve had to do some internal growing. To forgive the ghosts in my cupboard and chuck them into the garbage.
I had to cleanout. And just when I thought I was finished more stuff came up.

Why? Why I thought Christiane?

I thought I had fixed it all.
I promised myself I’d get my work out and be earning megabucks!
Yes, I did!
But I still had a million ‘but’s’. That’s the thing about working on and around yourself, it never ends!
But at one stage we have to implement our progress and grow into our next story!

Story??? You say!
Why a story?

Your whole life is a collection of stories, some are bound together in bigger manuscripts and others are still standing alone, waiting to be edited or completed.
Remember those stories we had as a kid where you could ch

oose different ways through the labyrinth of chapters and each of those choices would give you a different ending to the story.

I have talked with lots of people about my new Core Strategy Life Coaching signature program.
The more I talked the more emotional and enthusiastic I became, the clearer my idea got!
The more I talked aloud to myself about it the more my confidence grew!

And even while I procrastinated, I thank the universe for giving me an abundance of wealth (not only money) which I appreciate with so much gratitude. Unexpected furniture and décor items, a dream client, incredible mindful and powerful sessions with current clients, a cycle ride with my 14 year old, rest when my body felt like it had just survived a boxing match, testimonies, and expression of gratefulness from clients, a marvelous and caring coach who goes the extra mile, being able to work in my own house and sitting on my patio, and so many more!
I could go on like this is a thank you speech at the Oscars, but you get the drift!

Self-work never ends.
But make it REAL, make it count! Don’t let it derail your productivity.
There is always a reason why if your brain suddenly says, ‘Stop right now, work on your choices! Is this the right route for you now, the right story ending?’

Maybe not!
And that’s scary if you suddenly discover, ‘Oh no, I am not the person I thought I am. This is not my way anymore!’
Maybe it is! And it needs some definition and for some courage to be applied.
Maybe you need help with the New You!

But… And here is a very big BUT, don’t hide behind the self-growth journey.
You can’t be a ‘forever’ student and apply nothing.
Apart from that bills need to be paid.
This is the apprenticeship called Life. You learn, apply, experience, learn and adjust, apply and again experience!
Don’t be afraid to learn and grow!

Think of 2 aspects in your life and how you would like for these to grow into something more meaningful and beautiful.

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