Give yourself permission to be YOU

Let’s just have a think for a moment, hmmmmm…. we want to look good!

We want to look in the mirror and fall in love with the person who looks back at us!

We want to wear clothes we like not ones that ‘will just do’!

We want to enjoy ourselves again.

Have you lost yourself somewhere between having babies, being devoted to them and now, as the kids are bigger, you ask yourself ‘who am I? ‘What happened somehow in between that I ‘forgot‘ to take care of myself? Cutting beautiful star-shaped sandwiches became more important than feeding myself healthy and mindful nourishing food.

Mindful about myself? Who has time for that? Between work, homework, extra murals; endless snooty noses and cuddles, who has time to exercise? Also, it didn’t seem that important. You chose to be a mum 100% and you mean 100%!

But now the little sweet happy angels have turned into teenagers who think mums taxi can be ordered with a snap of the finger, cuddles with mum are simply embarrassing and being seen with mum is only acceptable when she has the wallet for new shoes or they are really sick. Everybody talks about self-care and loving the body you have, but there is more to this! Right!?!?


You have to really love yourself again! You have to learn to fall in love with yourself, look at your image in the mirror, smile and say ‘I am my own person! I have visions, dreams and aspirations for my life other than being a mom!’

Being a mom is not my identity but a part of my life; an important part of my life but not my only part. Social media gives us a different distorted picture – the celebrity mom who lost her weight and has her pre-first child body back in 2 months, with all the help in the world and money to engage a personal trainer, nannies and maybe cosmetic surgery. Then there are the mere mortals who take a bit longer, and by the time the child is 1 year old, have ‘decided’ that there is no way and that they are now devoting their life to kids and family. They are so busy being devoted that they lose themselves, perhaps even their adult relationship, and the thought of entering a gym is as terrifying as jumping into a crocodile infested river!

So what do we do?

We hide!

We hide behind children, we hide behind chores around children, we hide in our house and in big clothes. Does any of that sound familiar? At what point did you ‘decide’ you didn’t matter anymore? I am not talking about being morbidly obese, but just enough that every season we buy the clothes which we don’t really like because deep down we know that these are not the clothing sizes and shapes that we want to be.

I am not talking about unrealistic expectations. Not at all! I am talking about your ‘I love myself, I feel confident and beautiful in my body which allows me to achieve anything as a woman’, in comparison to the ‘ok, this outfit will do, after all, I have nothing to achieve anymore now that I am a mum!’

I have been there; lost, insecure, with no self-confidence and a fairly uniform round shape, comfort eating… well, actually boredom eating too.

With the help of my coach, I have learned to smile at myself, treat myself as if I am important, as if I matter, and have the guts to lose my weight. Yes, you are hearing right! The guts to have a healthy weight, exercise and be happy to be seen looking good in the world. It takes confidence to look good, the confidence in ourselves we often lose when we totally give ourselves up for our kids.

Now it’s time to reinvest and look good!

If any of the above resonates with you and you would like to come out of your cocoon to develop that beautiful butterfly again, then here is your chance!




Session 1: Identifying your current status setting your 1. SMART goal

Session 2: Creating your Vision! Setting your 2. SMART goal

Session 3: Creating your Plan!


Only R750.00  for all 3 sessions. I session a week over ZOOM/Skype.


That gives you 3 sessions for the price of one!


Global client $ 50 payable on PAYPAL

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