Attitude determines Altitude

What you do in private determines what you look like in public.

I do a lot of things behind closed doors. I tell myself that, if no one can see me doing it, then it doesn’t count. Right?
That slab of chocolate. The two glasses of wine. The pizza. The midnight snacks.
But boy, do they count! They count in two ways:
  1. The obvious. Junk food, sugar, and alcohol converts into fat and lethargy in the body. But it’s not just the weight gain we need to worry about; it’s  the affect of the sugar in our bodies, from inflammation and illness, to anxiety. It’s the affect of unhealthy fats on your health and energy levels.
  2.  The not-so-obvious. The affect on your mindset. This is not something you can see but it certainly can be felt – not only by you but by everyone else around you, too. When you’re feeling anxious, rundown, and disappointed in your decision to eat a whole box of Smarties (the movie size), it shows in your mood and in your dealings with others.
Oh, the lies we tell ourselves.
I’m an expert at making up excuses about WHY I need the wine… I had a hard week; I deserve it; my kids have been stressed with exams; I fought with my partner; my toddler/teenager is driving me up the wall. We would never call these excuses. We call them justifications for why we’re sabotaging our own success, as if we have no control over what goes into our bodies.
When will we stop making these excuses? Only when we have a massive health scare? Do we have to wait until it’s that serious and we’ve done irreversible damage?
It’s easy to want the quick fix, to want to see immediate results, rather than committing to the slow and steady slog to success. We see the people who have it all on Instagram – the perfect bodies, perfect families, perfect business. Guaranteed they’ve worked their butts off to get there – nothing in life comes easy. But that’s the challenge most people face – they want to see immediate success to justify their commitment to keep going, to push harder. But success takes time. It’s a snowball effect. It takes a while to get going but once you’ve got momentum, you’ll be unstoppable.
I’m finally finding my momentum. I’ve had a great month of self growth work with my amazing life coach and I had a huge breakthrough.
I got back into cycling and discovered that I was much happier for it (and I’m sure everyone else around me was too). It wasn’t just the exercise that gave me a kick but the feeling of remembering why I love it so much and knowing that I can get back into it.
It’s all about perception and attitude. Whether you believe you can or you can’t, you’re right.
So, what do you believe?
Do you have a plan to get there? If not, get going! Plan your workouts, for your week ahead, your meals, your business goals. Journal, make mind maps, read, listen to podcasts or audiobooks that inspire you to keep going.
If you need help with your health, mindset, or workouts, get in touch.
If you’re serious about starting your transformational journey and discovering the new empowered, healthy, sexy, confident you, books a discovery call today!
No more excuses. No more lies. Just you being accountable to yourself and your dreams.
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