Are you the one who got away?

Are you the one who got away?

Are you the one who society couldn’t get to conform to its needs and standards?

What are your needs?

What are your true feelings? How are we, as a woman in the prime of their life, feeling?

What does that even mean ‘Prime of my Life?

Shouldn’t my life be ‘Prime’ all the time?

Right! You and I know that this is not the case.


We thought so when we were invincible teenagers! But now… By now life has happened for us!

We made choices, had experiences, and are so called middle age!

Let me jump right into that!

What is middle age, mid-life?


A mature person who is past childbearing age, a person who should be content with life now?

A person who has teenagers, maybe grannies who have no needs of their own anymore?

A person who is there for others but not themselves?

A person who grew up where the need to ‘find themselves’ was frowned upon?

A person can now ‘let herself go’ and ‘doesn’t have to worry about what she looks like’?


Which of these are right or wrong for you?


For me, this is a person who has by now gone through a shit load of experiences.

This is a woman who has made right and wrong choices.

This is a woman who has done the best she can within her capabilities at that particular time.

This is a woman who woke up one day to discover her power within.

The woman who is tired of just making it but creating a difference.


Creating a difference in her life and in the lives of others.


If I am not writing you off, why are you writing yourself off?


Why are you doing this to yourself?


Doing what to myself you ask?


Eating the wrong food?

Fuelling your body with fuel designed for a tractor, not a Ferrari!

Exercising? What? Me? I am middle aged? What the fuck, are you dead?

Be kind to yourself but man don’t die on me!

Don’t bury yourself before it’s really your time!

Do you enjoy your life? I mean really enjoy it.

Are you capable of fun?

When last did you giggle or have a really good belly laugh?


Look around you and ask yourself ‘Is this me”?

Really me? Or am I following a stereotype I ought to be?


I have been there.

I have made the hard decision to change, to transform my life, to grow every day.

I am growing every day!

Because I NOW allow myself to grow!


Do you need help?

Do you need to find the power within?

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?


Then… right now… grab your phone and send me an email and let’s book a Zoom call or a meeting at my home and make a decision to thrive, no more hiding!





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