Every day is a new beginning and a chance to blow it

Every day is a new beginning and a chance to blow it


It is early and my class was cancelled. My first thought is ‘Yeah let’s go back to bed and sleep another hour’, but my second thought won ‘Make some coffee and journal’.

I love to journal early in the mornings, a new day, a new beginning, how much more beautiful can it be.

Everything is still peaceful and when I look out of my window the trees look as if an artist took a whole palette of different greens and painted a beautiful picture of life.


I was tossing and turning last night and thinking about many different problems which needed to be solved and sorted.

The feeling of restless fear started building up.

Finally, at one stage I fell asleep.


My alarm woke me up this morning and within minutes my thoughts returned to my ‘sorting out list’. Aaargh I thought not again, and I could have left it there, taught the class and had this feeling of overwhelm hanging over me for the rest of the day.

Instead, I had the chance to journal, to brain dump, literally pouring all my thoughts on paper.

What an amazing feeling!


The thought came to me that no matter what I do, I have the chance to make every day a new beginning but also a fair chance to blow it. The choice is mine.

Living my day with purpose and intention is my choice.

Trust me it is not working every day and sometimes the thoughts of worry and fear are pouring quicker into my brain than I can dump them.

Even sitting still and writing is impossible then.


I need to get my ‘feel-good hormones’ into gear and the only thing for me to achieve that is exercise. Walking or cycling, shadow boxing on the spot or following a workout on YouTube.

And I talk aloud to myself! I can literally see my cats and dogs rolling their eyes as they watch me.

Talk aloud and get it out, but don’t forget to talk loudly, extra loud, also about your achievements of the day or week.


It is so important to celebrate your achievements.

Your brain remembers that feeling of celebrating your amazing times that it will try and get that feeling more often. Every time you set out to achieve something similar your brain will remember the feeling associated with it and it will be so much easier to achieve it again. You connected task and feeling.

You created an emotional association, a strong bond.

We create these emotional bonds all the time but are inclined to do this mostly for negative feelings. We are quick to build up a negative reaction task force, like a little self-sabotaging army directing us.



Every day is a new beginning. Actually, every time, every minute you make the choice to create a positive thought you create a new beginning of your story.


Choose the direction your story turns, and the power is in your hands.


I believe in you!

I am there for you!






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