Episode 2: Sink or swim

You get this blog totally unedited from the bottom of my heart .
If you follow my blogs you know by now that we moved and I am since 6 days in my new dream house . 6 days !!!
We sorted out most of the rooms by day 3 and started teaching and everything was just peachy …. until today !
Today at 9.30 am I got told that my place is now for sale , and by 12 I had once again a buyer with a strange estate agent stomping through my privacy .
I was so broken and upset I couldn’t even cry !
The tears came an hour later with the thought how I tell my 13 year old that this is happening  for the 3rd time in 7 years for her that we moving out of ‘our ‘ space .
There is no blame to previous times this is my past , but the new house is my future !
What to do ? How to fight ? How to not declare defeat ? I don’t know yet , all I know is that the Person I am now will not give up ! She learned to be a Warrior !
This has been a tough couple of weeks and I know they make me stronger even if I don’t see the finish line yet but I know I will find a solution. I will because I promised my 13 year old , that we don’t have to run anymore.
I have shown her that life has no defeats but solutions . And I will carry on like that !
Our pilates classes make we smile , laugh and help transform peoples life’s. My Health & Wellness Life Coaching transforms you from the inside out and changes your mind , body and soul forever into the desired better you .
I am so glad I have you all in my life to keep me smiling .
I will follow my own advice get a good night sleep and figure out how to stay living in my dream space . I will journal and manifest the shit out of it and I will climb that hill with my core tight .
Keep your Mind, Body & Soul – Core tight !
Together we can do it !
Should you like to  feel the benefit of a coaching session book a free Core discovery session and email me at chris@energisedthroughpilates.co.za
And we get the call sorted ASAP !
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