The WHAT or the WHY?


Weight loss has its own rules. Not one person is the same in how they lose weight and what they must do to keep their will power going. But what I do know for sure is that we all need to have a real, substantial WHY.


A non-negotiable WHY, a WHY with passion, one big enough to keep us literally moving!

Your WHY might be a big event, a holiday or a wedding. It is seldom, ‘I want to like myself in the mirror and be healthy’. Why do we put ourselves in last place in the chain of importance?

We set a plan when we decorate our house. A holiday is planned precisely and with utmost care. But our food choices are often half-hearted attempts and don’t last all that long.


I want to inspire you all, to be confident enough to turn your dreams into goals and achieve these!


Contact me for:

  • Life coaching, with or without Pilates
  • Anxiety and stress coaching,
  • Relationship coaching
  • Career coaching
  • Health and wellness coaching


Prices and packages are available to match all budgets and needs.


phone me or what’s app me +27824670421

email me christiane@christianeebert.com

let’s have a chat, love Christiane

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