Stubborn or Denial

Stubborn or Denial
Chaos strikes like a lightening bolt or like rolling thunder. We never know, but what we do know is that life without chaos doesn’t exist.
Friday night, before my evening class, I got a message from my landlord asking to please meet me. Now I knew, and if you read my blogs you know that this was not a congratulations call to say ‘Wow your new studio looks so great’.
I had purposely been in denial and stubborn!
Denial, because I could not cope with mindful teaching, being a good Mum to a teenager, being fully 100% engaged, present and productive for my amazing Coaching certification training and Pilates certification courses and this. In short I had no time for the nonsense to be moved out of my newly acquired house. I put it in the back of my brain in a distant draw.
Stubborn, I can be stubborn as hell! I am not a quitter and sometimes that stubbornness doesn’t always serve me well.
But either way, to cut a long story short Friday night I got told in a nice way, buy or move out! We could now talk about bullying but that’s not the subject of this blog!
There was no more space for denial! I had 2 sleepless nights, got very sick on Saturday afternoon while I visited my granddaughter in hospital and spend most of the weekend in an outfit which would be suitable for -10° and in the bathroom. I was finished!
My stubbornness kicked in!
I needed to break down first to get my stubbornness back ! To not float anymore but to not tolerate the status quo anymore !
There where a few situations in my life I was not prepared to allow:
* To be halted on my road to becoming my desired better self,
* To not achieve my greatest goals,
* I set my mind to it that I would have an excellent outcome of both of my courses, I was done with putting myself into a mediocre mindset!
* Nobody and nothing in this world will ever dim my light!
* Or harm my family
It took me 2 days, and no I would not advocate the bathroom as a meeting room with yourself, to gain my stubbornness back.
I have decided to turn this stubbornness around into something positive. Because if I can combine this stubbornness with being kind to myself than the above points will come to fruition and I come out as a winner!
The winner you and I were born to be!
So what has this got to do with you?
Being present, mindful, goal orientated, kind to yourself and looking after your health, these are my speciality to help you achieve! To achieve the success you desire in your life! After all we only have one life and the choice is yours!
Join me for my new ’90 min private intensive coaching session’. This is Health & Wellness Life Coaching, not 90 min exercise before you all start running away.
I have introduced this to kick start your success journey. This is to find out what you need to reach your weight loss, training or wellness goals. We all know that the reluctance to get started and loose weight or to reach your goals lies often much deeper in the mind than in the kitchen or meal planning.
The cost of this powerful 90 min private intensive session is currently R500.00 / $40
The price is normally R750 .00 / $54.
Don’t miss out.

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