‘ World Peace ‘

It has been a week of powerful new experiences and challenges. It is certainly a new kind of living alone with my daughter, and than with parents and loads of family members who are mostly not used to each other. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change it for anything but a few lessons regarding confidence, diplomacy and courage to speak out had to be learned or rather finally put into action. Different cultures, languages, ways of living all put together into one place.
Communication is a must yet so difficult.
I, for example, never talk to people to get tasks done. I talk to myself, do them myself and great, no stress! I know it’s done and most of all no chance of  conflict. I don’t like delegating out of two reasons; firstly, it can create potential conflict and secondly, it might not get done how I want it.
My best solution is always to be quiet and avoid conflict. It takes a long time until I am fed up and then comes an unproportional explosion. So wouldn’t it be a better solution to speak out when needed and beat the insecurity of not talking? Also to deal with my emotions and recognise them is a challenge.
You can not really scream and shout at your parents but zipping it and not showing my emotions on my sleeve is a difficult endeavor. Past and present feelings often merge and it’s an art to be fair to everyone and to myself too.
A once in a lifetime trip, and I learnt new thoughts about my goals. I needed a week of peace in my head and once returning home I started enjoying thinking of how I could put into action the plans in my head; how to earn money, how to better conduct my day, how to be better in setting boundaries and stop feeling sorry for myself!
You hear me right!
This came up when I journaled this morning! I just wrote, and suddenly the sentences were on the piece of paper:
I am done with saying sorry!
I am done with saying sorry for myself and apologising for my past life!
I am done with feeling guilty!
I am done with earning money, and spending it ASAP because I am supposed to feel guilty and therefore feeling small, trying to please people and be grateful!
I am done!
And I am done with conforming to the rules if my past life!
I swear I just wrote! I felt so powerful and excited, the fascination of journaling!
You have all the answers within yourself!
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