No more winging it !!!

This morning I woke up with this message in my head :
”No more wingung it Christiane. It will always give you a mediocre result. ”
I am tired of having the feeling I could do better if I wouldn’t wing it.
I figured out why I have problems admitting my accomplishments and seeing them as true accomplishments.
Often I have the feeling I just winged it, just scraped through, just made it.
Often the reasons were fair enough why this was the case and apparently that made the accomplishments even bigger. And those extra hard life lessons were really part of it  but they were life and the result of choices I made.
An A level examination with a baby on the lap, a nursing degree with a toddler, several other examinations and courses with toddlers and children, domestic and emotional abuse, divorces and all the consequences from all that were hard and often almost not bearable but they were the result of choices I made.
For me now where I stand today it doesn’t matter why I made  those choices but what really matters is to move forward with success and a true feeling of accomplishment .
I am not saying that if we survive all the above that this isn’t an accomplished in itself, but what I am trying to say is that we can only hang for so long on feelings of the past. At one stage we have to put the big girl panties on ( or boy undies ) and draw a line and say ’ no more! Today is a new day with a new beginning! New rules from today! I am not spending my day finding excuses why my success doesn’t  feel great enough! I am ready for being truly excellent!’
So this was my message this morning to myself!
I challenge you to look in the mirror and ask yourself these questions?
  • Why I am still at the same sore spot as last year?
  • Why am I still not happy with my figure?
  • Why am I  still not my happy with my weight?
  • Why am I finding excuses not to exercise?
  • Why do I not like the person in the mirror?
  • Why am I still tired, depressed and sluggish ?
If you can answer any of these questions with ’yes’ then what are you waiting for?
You have to make the first step!
Nothing changes until you change!
Where do you want to be?
Where do you see yourself in a years time ?
This my job, my passion, my calling to help you to achieve your success, find your happy place?
That is what a Health&Wellness coach does for you and with you!
Your body is the key to your success! 
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