Negotiable or not ?

So many thoughts are jumping through my head!
Should we start with the confession first!
 I am just like you! Unless you are superwoman all the time I am just like you.
I ate chocolate and winegums over the weekend, slept 13 hrs and contemplated to cycle aka exercise or not.
I felt guilty for the bad eating but more for the sleeping, because I have so much I want to achieve and apparently this doesn’t happen in my sleep.
Well studying doesn’t but recovery does! And I needed that. My brain needed that.
My car broke down, my sink fell literally out of my kitchen, and I almost swallowed my crown ( well not the one on my head ).
Since I am not sitting by the pool and drink G&T’s all day my nerves needed a break!
Also I had to allow myself first to take a break. After all I want to achieve so many things, double my income, be known in the Industry as amazing for Health&Wellness coaching and Pilates/ Exercise and be an amazing Mum!
There are lot of tasks/ Roles in your Life! Some are negotiable,some are not at all negotiable.
I compare them with a those beautiful Christmas ornaments . Some are so dainty and fragile (non negotiable) and others can bounce on the floor, can be chewed up by the dog and still are sort of ok. Some survive being dropped on the floor and others don’t.
What are your precious Christmas bobbles?
Your non negotiables?
Mine are :
My family and my business.
I have no choice but need to make my business a success, bills need to be paid, mouth to be fed, wishes to be full filled.
If you know my life story a bit than you know that both have been neglected in the past and I needed to learn to like myself first before I could put one foot in front of the other.
What are my negotiables?
Everything which doesn’t help the above or to restore my battery and soul. And that might change, but it’s for me to decide.
You are allowed to be selfish, to make choices.
What are your most precious ‘bobbles’ and which can be dropped and even disappear in the trash?
If we stay with the picture of the Christmas tree than you decorate the tree in some sort of theme. Might not be every year the same but you want to display the overall picture you have in your head.
This is your theme, your goal,your vision a non negotiable!
Nobody has the right without your permission to drop your ‘bobbles’!
You have to commit too!
You have to find a way to stay committed!
You have to want to stay committed to see you vision succeed!
You have to have a plan in your head!
Find your vision and reverse engineer until present day!
…… stay tuned to find out how I can show you the way!
Love Christiane
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