Health and fitness doesn’t happen by itself

It’s the 1st of May. Nearly halfway through the year! Now is a good time to check in on those goals we set in January. Are you still on track to reaching yours or do you, like me, need a kick up the butt to move forward?

I see this a lot in my studio. My clients start the year off full of enthusiasm and good intentions and then life, and our reaction to life, gets in the way.

I know this feeling all too well myself. I’m riding a big race next weekend and haven’t gotten on my bike once to train (except for this weekend – talk about last minute!) This is despite the fact that cycling is therapy for me. It’s a chance for me to clear my head, to boost my spirits and to remind myself of the little things I have to be grateful for. It’s the only time I am every truly relaxed and focused on me. It’s wonderful.

So why haven’t I done it for six weeks?? I am myself that question every day. And every day I can think of a hundred excuses why I shouldn’t set my alarm for 4:30 on a Sunday, lug my bike all the way to the cradle and spend three to four hours climbing some intense hills. I mean, couldn’t you?

It’s easy to procrastinate and to keep putting off your goals until you’re practically back at square one again. I know I neglected myself and it all comes down to not having a plan and not having the discipline to stick to a plan. And you know what happens when you fail to plan…

The mornings are getting colder and it’s so easy to sleep in on a Sunday morning and spend the rest of the day binge watching series. And then I wake up on Monday in a flat panic, feeling guilty and remorseful and believing that I will never be successful. It’s an endless, vicious circle.

I often talk about rewarding yourself with downtime but I think I’ve given myself more than enough of that these past few weeks! Sometimes it all it takes is fear of failure or defeat to get going again. I have less than a week until my big cycle and I’m terrified! But that’s all the motivation I need to get going again. To plan for progress – slow and steady – and to again set sights on those goals I wrote down all those months ago.

I believe I can do it and I believe you can do it too. Should we do it together? We have four months of cold ahead of us and it’s again time to start working on those summer bodies. Let’s go.

Below is my start , let me see your’s.

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