Trust is quite something. You can lose it in a heartbeat and gaining it is such a difficult mission.
We all been there where your trust with another person had been questioned if not destroyed.
Trust is also very very difficult to gain back.
We know how it feels when you disappointed somebody and lost there trust.
How does it feel if you loose your own trust?
When you disappointed yourself so many times that you find it difficult to trust yourself?
Many situations in life can make you feel disappointed and upset with yourself. Often they are different circumstances and situations so you forgive yourself and carry on.
What if you carry on with the same mistake over and over and lose trust in yourself?
This is harder to pick up than general mistakes.
 You ’ learn’ that you are a disappointment to yourself and lose trust in yourself.
You condition yourself to anticipate failure.
You are what you believe!
Now that counts for exams, sporting goals, weight loss goals and so many goals we set and feel we let ourselves down repeatedly.
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