Creativity to live your dream.

I can already hear you saying, ‘What has creativity to do with my dreams?’

Creativity is not only for artists, in all shapes in sizes, you don’t need to be able to draw, to be a landscape designer or a fashionista, you need creativity to get through your life, every single day!


Creativity makes you brave and disperse your fears.

Creativity lets you be spontaneous and flexible.

Creativity lets you dream up your best life.

Creativity makes you set goals to fulfil your dreams.

Creativity is the cornerstone to positive action.


In short, you cannot achieve your dreams without creativity.


When we are tiny tots we have an abundance of creativity and nothing stopping us to create more and more.

At this stage, we are reinventing ourselves every day with the power of positivity and an eagerness to explore, with the bravest soul imaginable.


And then slowly but surely, we lose that innocence, our fearless creativity and we start questioning ourselves, second-guessing our choices and starting to hide.


What happened? Why are we suddenly, with only a fraction of that positive eagerness, striving towards new adventures?


We discovered fear, rejection and failure!

Oh, and they do hurt, I know.

Combine that with stress and you have a recipe for disaster.


We go into fight and flight mode.

The fight-or-flight response is a physiological reaction that occurs in response to a perceived harmful event, attack, or threat to survival. It was first described by Walter Bradford Cannon.


There are three stages of stress: the alarm, resistance and exhaustion stages. The alarm stage is also known as the fight or flight stage. When you’re in the alarm stage, your heart beats faster, sending more blood to your arms and legs in case you need to fight or flee.


I won’t go into too much detail now if you would like to learn more about how to beat your fight and flight behaviour chain just book a free Core Strategy Coaching session with me!


But can you see how this all can kill your creativity, and with that our dreams?


Not only are we half the time too exhausted to act upon our dreams but we might block them out, right at the root, and kill our dreams with negative self-talk.


I don’t want that to happen anymore, for anyone, regardless of how old you are.

We can create dreams, set goals and plan actions to achieve our goals at any stage in our lives.


Yes! Are you ready?


I have your back because I believe in you!


With love,



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