Use Fear to your advantage!

I read a quote defining an “elite coach”. To paraphrase, it defined an elite coach as someone who collaborates with his/her clients and uses motivational techniques to achieve specific goals. They bring about change by understanding the client’s perspective, empathising with them and encourage them to stop resisting change.

One thing I often see in my clients is fear of change. The fear of the pressure to change (thanks, society) and, once they’ve achieved their goals, the change that has to become permanent to maintain that progress.

I can relate to this so well. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve achieved my goal weight and my so called “dream body”, only to forget my commitment to the cause and rediscover my commitment to carbs. Before I know it, I’m back at square one, staring change in the face yet again.

It doesn’t help that I got told recently that I look way too old to have a 12 year old. The wine tasted extra good that evening!

Everywhere we turn, there’s criticism and judgement and comparison as others nitpick at your flaws to feel better about their own.

But change is not a goal we get to tick off. It’s something we have to work towards every single day. There’ll be ups and downs and rollercoaster rides but, with some good tea and coffee, a healthy dose of humour, and plenty of support and motivation (from me, of course), we can change.

My coach used to say to me: “If you believe in yourself as much as I do, you’ll be amazing.” I know now that she was right. Because I believe in you. And I know you’re capable of amazing things. Change happens on the other side of your comfort zone. If you’re ready to get uncomfortable, get in touch. It’s time for change.

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