Ok I joined a weight loss challenge

Ok I joined the weight loss challenge!


I did it, I made up my mind I am gonna loose the weight during I put on during  lockdown and I will loose the unwanted fat cells.

Easy right?

I joined a group of like minded women and how bad can it be ?

I have one month and than I look like the supermodel out of the glossy magazine.


If that would be the case we would have no overweight people in this world, we would be all slim and trim and the weight loss propaganda machine would be out of business.

First of all’ a goal is a dream with a plan’….

Let’s turn it around ‘a goal without a plan stays a dream!’.

Makes sense?

I ask my wellness coaching clients first ‘what is your goal?’

Well they say ‘ I want to loose 10 kg by December for the holidays !’


Is that realistic? After all it is almost September! Why 10 kg and not ‘ I want to fit into my new bathing costume and look and feel great!’?

We are all so set in ‘kg on the scale’ but forgetting no matter what the scale says we want to look and feel well in our clothes, so cm loss is the goal not the image on the scale, happiness is the goal not the scale, confidence is the goal not the scale.

Let’s focus on confidence building.

After all if you weigh 10 kg less and your self esteem and your posture are so negative because you haven’t learned to love yourself than even your scale won’t help you!

I often ask my clients first ‘Why do you want to loose weight? What is your big huge non negotiable’Why!’ To loose the weight.

We work hard in our sessions to find the ‘why’ and most of the times we find what are the real reasons why our weight isn’t shifting or why we put it back on .


Weight loss, weight gain, unrealistic body image all have a cause, something in our past which triggers certain present behaviors.

If you don’t find and learn how to deal with them, you might never love yourself for good and achieve your amazing goals.

It is my passion to help you become the woman you desire to be.

To see the butterfly emerging from the cocoon is an fulfilling and amazing experience to witness.

We all have the potential to be a beautiful butterfly, we just have to learn to believe that we can achieve it.


Contact me should you be ready to be the beautiful butterfly

And  set yourself free.


Lots of love Christiane







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