Stop right now!


Why? do you say. It’s so comfortable here!

I can’t win or lose.


Please let me stay!

Let me stay in my safe spot! My haven, my cave, my hideaway.


Why are you pushing me out?

Why can’t I stay here?



Stop right now!

Stop the excuses, the unconscious self-pitying!

Stop hiding!


You had the guts to go through life’s turmoils!

You had the guts to come out as a survivor.


What is stopping you right now to be the woman you destined to be?



You stopping me!

I am wiggling, squirming, please let me stay!

Let me safely be the secret person!

Let me be the person who can run if needed!


Yes you can run!

Don’t stop running!

But run to lead!

Stop running away, run to show your full power!

Run to guide your tribe!

Run to be a leader! hold your banner high!

Let’s get on a call to coax you out of your cave and show your true brilliance!

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