And the trouble is if you don’t risk anything you risk even more.

And the trouble is if you don’t risk anything you risk even more.


I read the above quote from Erica Jong in my journal. Nothing could be more fitting than this quote in the journey of my life.

I am an incredibly good procrastinator and can shy away from making decisions which move me out of my comfort zone, but when I finally make the decision, then I move, incredibly fast and furious. This has happened a few times in my life…. I draw the bottom line and then I move suddenly, fast and without looking back.

The fear of change and failure gets pushed into the background to a large extend, as I am suddenly so busy creating a new part of my slideshow called Life.


Can you relate?


We are all afraid of failure in our life, at one point or the other.

Sometimes it makes us freeze and at other times it catapults us forward so that there is no other choice but continue to run towards our goal.

The times we find ourselves living in at the moment are where certainty has often been taken out of our hands and has to be replaced with faith in our abilities and spirituality speaking, maybe also faith in something bigger than us, whatever this might be in your life.

But nothing happens if we don’t have some belief in ourselves and trust that we can do what we choose to do.


Please do choose to do something to move forward, something inspiring, something which gives you faith in the future and the optimism that you can create something which moves you closer to your dreams.

Take action! After all a dream without action will always stay a dream.


I am working daily with my clients to take actions towards their goals. Be it weight loss, career related issues or where do you see yourself in your relationships.

All are somehow related, but one issue is always the catalyst which pushes you to see me and makes you want to create change.


And go back to the quote above – Risk to create change and you take the action to create the reality for your goal.


I work with clients across the world over Zoom, a virtual platform, so no distance is too far for us to chat.


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