Unleash the Power within!

What is Motivation?
Motivation can swing both ways – positive or negative!
People react differently to encouragement and criticism.
Some need lots of positive affirmations and others a good kick up the butt.

What makes a good coach?
The ability to see who needs what and when.
We all have different personalities and different life experiences. Consequently, we react differently to triggers and to so-called motivation. What is motivating for one person may not be for another.
I, for example, push myself very well. But if another person pushes me just that little bit too far, even if it is less than I would myself, I dig my heels in and become a donkey.
Because I have been through certain life experiences which trigger me when I am ‘forced’ too much, and I have a certain point to which I allow people to push me.
But when I set my mind on something, oh boy watch out, the tenacity and dedication have no end. And I will push myself much harder than anybody else could.
We all react differently to triggers and coaching techniques.
Why do we need to rob the joy and passion with overzealous discipline, strictness, harshness and the motto ‘spare the rod and spoil the child’!
If I take a look at the ballet world or any professional sport, is it necessary to steal the joy from students? Wouldn’t we all achieve higher goals with positive affirmations?
We all need a happy space to achieve our goals.
How are you being motivated?
What are your triggers?
How are you motivating yourself?
How can we unleash your powerhouse within?
How can I help?
Contact me lifecoaching@energisedthroughpilates.co.za 
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