Are you afraid to fail?

You can do anything when you have a good enough reason. Your mindset will change and automatically follow!
I adore cycling but had not trained properly for almost a year. Life happened and with that too many excuses popped up.
During the last 5 weeks I got my butt into gear. But I still kept on telling myself, ’I am not fit enough’, ’what if I ride alone and my bike breaks down and I can’t fix it and I have to walk all the way back’. Bla bla bla. I kept the rides around my area so I could quickly be home again, after all on Sundays I have to prep for Mondays and all that sort of that stuff. Could I have found more excuses?
I always fitted it in, around everything else and never made it a priority of me time. Of course it was my time as I was sitting on the bike cycling but always quickly, after all there is so much other stuff to do.
So my time was apparently Saturdays, being to tired to move, on the bed having a nap and watching a movie.
What a waste of time! Why?
Because the time was not being used as good for me!
I was reacting to my calendar, or rather, to my attitude.
Today was my time.
This cycle was different! I had a whole new mindset and was determined to reach my goal, 100km! I cycled sections of the route multiple times and made a point of never coming close to my parked car until I knew I had reached my goal.
It was shitty at times and I had to reset my mindset a few times. Like riding a loop twice regardless of how many hills there were or turning around 1 km before I would have reached my car to get another 6km.
Why is that relevant to you or your business?
Exercise is in my mind similar to business or life achievements.
I had a very specific goal today and nothing would keep me from it, but as I rode I kept thinking ’do I have my business ideas so well mapped out?’
So I started thinking, you have a lot of time to think when you ride long distances alone, where do I actually see my business in 5 years. I’ve thought about it often and it keeps slightly changing but the key idea remains the same. The road to achieve your goals, the mindset, the stepping stones, the hurdles, how to integrate your family and your life into it, these need to be planned out.
I am not scared to ride or to train, I am not scarred to run my business, but I am scared to fail!
So today nothing apart from my bike breaking would have stopped me. Why are we not the adopting the same  attitude for weight loss (and gain), relationships, business ideas or any other important goals?
How can I help you to create the better version of yourself ?
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“ Your Body is the key to your Success “
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