Are we committing to ourselves?

We live in a society that has more choices than ever, where we can go from one extreme to the other.
With so many choices we are often afraid to make a single one.
What if its the wrong choice? What if I fail?
Often we find ourselves afraid to commit.
Are we teaching our children to commit and stick with it?
Chances are if we are showing up non-committed than our children will mirror our behaviour.
There are so many situations requiring us to show up and take responsibility:
  • our healthy body and sticking to an exercise routine,
  • a healthy food lifestyle, are we committed or are we just doing the minimum necessary ‘work’ to pretend we are on the right route,
  • our mental self-growth and mental welfare, are we just pretending that the inspirational email we read and the following high keeps us healing and growing,
  • rehabilitation of a physical injury. Many of us start on the road to recovery and lose steam when it feels slightly better, only to start eventually from square one again,
  • are we quitting when it becomes slightly uncomfortable, no longer easy, when we have to take a closer look at ourselves and discover that we are not as perfect as we like to think we are?
I think you get my drift and believe me, I am not perfect. I am trying to teach my teenager that life is not always fair, the road is not always straight forward, a commitment is a commitment whether it is to yourself, your body or somebody else.
Is it easier to commit to other than to ourselves?
What about making the right choices, that make committing easier and help you stick to it.
Commit to being kind to yourself, being true to yourself, make lasting choices, be empowered and gain strength and resilience. Grow stronger every day.
I can help!
Be it with my Health & Wellness Life coaching or in my Pilates studio, we are searching for the answers why we are never committing to our goals!
I love to work with you. Several packages are available to suit different needs, budgets and timetables.
Love Christiane
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