Are we ever going back to the ‘before’?

Sooooooo it’s weekend.

Not everybody is approaching the weekend with happiness and enthusiasm.

For most of us, something happens during the week and we are busy.

But now…’ I am supposed to stop work and relax?’


There is only so much Netflix, Dstv or DVD’s one can watch and I am too restless to read a book, you say.

There is no gym open to get the exercise done to release some frustration and anxiety.

I hear you!

I had to learn to be happy with myself and enjoy time alone.


this is the time where I connect more with people.

I don’t get caught up in the daily rat race.

Yes, I teach more than ever over Zoom and working all the time to feel in what my people need from me as a Life coach but the school run, the daily ballet runs, shopping runs, etc are not turning me into a frantic Hamster in a Hamster wheel at the moment.

I am calmer and more focused as I am not multitasking most of my day.

This gives me time and patience to connect with my family and friends.

Then there is the other scenario,

that work doesn’t keep us busy so we have to connect with the family surrounding us.

Potentially if there is tension in the relationship it’s a timebomb waiting to blow up.

How to cope than?

How to keep your emotions from creating warfare situations?

This is the time when self-care, self pamper and being present with yourself are so important.

Check in with yourself,

be aware of your emotions,

acknowledge them,

treat them with respect and as a part of you.

It’s ok to have those feelings!

These are not easy days and are not our norm.

Now is the time to be kind to yourself so you can be kind to others.

Now I hear the mums with small children shouting ‘I can’t even pee alone’ nevermind having a bath or read a book!

Oh, I am still so aware of those challenging times.

Yet I have a teenager now and would give the world for daily hugs and cuddles.

Would setting of Boundaries of help?

Setting  Boundaries with yourself, family, friends, husbands/wives and children.

Maybe mum gets an hour on the bed for a snooze or a good read and dad looks after the kids or vice versa.

Maybe everybody in the house hold has an allocated time in a private space, we all need our private space. A space to be alone to call a friend and let off steam.

Maybe a daily check-in call with your Teenager if they not with you currently. They do love you, but they are practising to be independent and perfect in their own way.

Maybe joining my remote teaching live online classes will help to overcome some loneliness and anxiety.

Maybe some live coaching sessions to help overcome fear, frustration, anxiety and other emotions.

Maybe some coaching sessions to have somebody to hold a safe space for you to run new ideas past.

Email me for my current specials.

Let me know how I can help and please share this blog with a person in need.

Lots of Love Christiane


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