No Fear of missing out

How was your weekend?

Did you get up to something nice?

Or did you choose to keep on working as there is nothing else to do?

Do you know what I find is the incredible thing about the lockdown?

We are all facing the same excitement, boredom, and time to connect with self.

We are not envying other peoples lives, because we are all in Self Isolation or Lockdown.

It doesn’t matter if you live in England, Germany, South Africa or anywhere else in the world in lockdown.

Netflix is the same, YouTube is the same,

puzzles and board games are the same.

We all are grounded at the same level.

I don’t need to look at other peoples Instagram account and say I which I am in their position.


Because we are all the same right now.

We all have choices on how to relax and get out of the feeling of loneliness.

I was alone but not lonely.

I build up my indoor bike trainer, at least I am not trying to cycle up and down the driveway anymore.

I started sorting out my sewing stuff which is still all over the place after my move. But this is such a huge mission to sort out 25 years of professional sewing, so this will be an Easter project.

Thank goodness we had sunshine and a bit of gardening was part of my weekend.

And than…..

I had to overcome the anxiety of actually not working on my business, and reading, playing a quiz game with my daughters over Zoom and watching a movie.

It is so easy to work non stop and hide behind the work.

“As long as I am busy with work than I feel secure”, I hear some of you saying.

” I don’t have to deal with all the emotions and worries “

An exhausted and overworked brain can not think rationally, is less productive, tends to function in ‘fight and flight mode’,

is more prone to panic and anxiety and will not ‘direct’ you physical body at its optimum.

Physical movement is necessary of some form or the other to function at once highest desired level.

I hear from my clients all the time that my remote teaching Zoom classes keep them sane and the ones which have joined my App enjoying it because they can under my direction exercise at their own time and pace.

By the way, I will keep most Zoom classes going if the demand is there after the lockdown and my App is always available.

Together we are stronger!

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