Advantages of the Lockdown

It’s Friday and we had 7 days of lockdown here in South Africa.

We feeling the effects and some of us, including me, at times have humour failure.

That’s ok, but don’t let it last too long, we need positive attitudes to recharge our batteries so that we can recharge the batteries of those dependent on us.

Whatever we do now will have an impact on our lives in many months to come, we are planting the seeds now.

Let’s smile from time to time and have a virtual dinner party with your friends.

Let’s look at the positive sides of lockdown :

  • My dogs think it’s great that I am at home all-day
  • I can eat as much garlic as I like
  • I actually have to spend time with myself and getting to know myself better
  • Nobody sees that my house is dusty and that I could ….(if I wanted to because I am bored) write my name in the dust on the tv cabinet
  • Nobody minds that my puppies converted the light grey tiled patio into a soil mud disaster
  • Actually even my dogs found a whole lot of new activities to help me, like untidying the washing machine
  • I get to spend more time with my kids over zoom, but a lot more than I usually do because we lost ourselves in the daily rat race before the lockdown
  • I teach and coach clients over zoom now, I get to see the inside of there house, I suggested moving every session to another room so I get a tour of the house 🙂
  • I eat properly as I don’t have chocolate in the house
  • I listen to my music a lot more
  • I appreciate my house and garden so much as I don’t feel so imprisoned, I did walk 2 km up and down my driveway  with the dogs the other day
  • I am not always sure what day of the week it is
  • Bringing the dustbin in and out becomes an outing
  • I tried cycling in my driveway but got dizzy


Share with me what is your positive takeaway from the lockdown, lets spread some positive vibes.

lots of love Christiane


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