I felt like somebody let me out of a cage

I felt like somebody let me out of a cage ….

I took my mountain bike out of hibernation.

Trust me my legs feel it after ‘only’ training on my indoor trainer on my road bike .

But what felt it the most was my mind.

I felt like a butterfly going in ‘ high speed ‘ all over the show and exploring my new found grounds.

It was the most amazing feeling.

Free at last!

I am sure I am not the only I e who has that locked in feeling and where a walk to the road to get the dustbin in is a surreal feeling.

Am I masked up, almost said gowned you but we are not that far physically but mentally we certainly are.

We feel imprisonent and almost insecure to meet the outside world.

That feeling reminds me of my cat Alice crossing the corridor frantically looking left and right just in case the ‘viscious’ puppies are daring to come charging along.

Our minds are in constant charge to react , a stressful situation at its best , but often when I look at my clients and myself , I find it a thought altering experience, where we not reaction as we did before lockdown but our first reaction is fear , stress and anxiety born from uncertainty and overload on information, often not even true .

Our minds don’t get to rest , recuperate and rejuvenate so we can recharge and carry on full of positive charge !

We are more tired, food choices are not always wise and hiding away in our little cocoon.

We crave and at the same time dread connecting with people.

One thing is for sure … one day we have to meet people again , one day we will return to a new normal and for sure we want to be the best possible version of ourselves to show up until than and when we enter a new reality.

Our past and present and how we reacting to it will determine how we show up, but we can show up so much better and lighter if we throw some of our baggage away and create a new mindset.

I can give you the tools and space to learn  to show up as your most amazing resilient powerful self.

Don’t waste this time by sliding further and further down the spiral, act now .

I have prizes and course length to suit every bodies budget and needs .

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