The Lockdown experience

The Lockdown experience

We went through many phases during lockdown:

  • shock & fear
  • Trying to manage our daily life
  • Getting into a rhythm and some sort of acceptance of living mainly at home
  • Peeping out into the real world from time to time but being very comfortable in the safety of our home

I don’t know about you but I am quite happy with ordering shopping mainly from home instead of going through the rigmarole of masks, sanitising hands, trolleys and baskets and getting annoyed because not everyone realises how much a meter and a half or two is for social distancing.

Yet then I seem to be in a different world when I have to entertain a shopping centre and see the packed isles and wonder if those people get to read the same news like me.

Be it as it is everybody reacts to lockdown in a different way.

I was quite calm until the new entity of LoadShedding was added to the ‘experience’, that was the day where I lost the plot and my anxiety hit the roof. And I am sure I was not the only one.

A country to work from home and no electricity was an oxymoron deluxe.

So now I had stuck at home, and fear of Existence on a totally new level.

A level which was totally taken out of my control.


Not only went my mind out of control so did my eating. And I am sure I am not the only one!

I realized once again that stability comes not from boycotting myself but from stabilizing myself from within and acting with self-care and kindness to myself.

I for once do not want to go into summer with the extra 5 kilos I put on because I was feeling so much better without them.

The extra sugar makes my joints aches and my tummy wobble, it makes me sluggish and yearning for the bigger clothes I gave away a year ago.

I am missing the energy I had from eating mainly healthy food and missing that picture in the mirror without the lockdown tummy wobbly.

As I look around my clients and their stories I seem not to be the only one!

So what to do????

Come in girls let’s roll up our sleeves and fight that cookie-chocolate monster!

I am introducing the


I thought long and hard how to do it, from complicated to easy and vice versa.

But basically the rules of the challenge are :

You are accountable only to me via what’s app and I communicate with you via the broadcast group. Which means I am accountable to you all!

The challenge will start on the 1.August-1. September.

Entry fee R 50.00

-on the 1. August you send a picture of yourself with a paper or other proof of date and the amount of weight you want to lose in those 30 days, remember to stay realistic ( 10 kilos per week is not realistic )

  • every week thereafter you have to do the same, just so that you stay accountable… I remind you! We are in this together!
  • If you have friends who want to join they have to contact me and join the pilates classes for the month, hopefully, longer as they love us so much. Anybody can join from across the globe.
  • Every evening you will send me a short what’s app about your success and struggles.
  • I will only answer when there are really train smash problems
  • I will send you tips and tricks, recipes and motivational pointers to succeed
  • The R 50 from every participant are going in my savings account
  • At the end of the 30 days, you send your last picture and the winner is who lost the desired weight, was accountable regularly to me and participated in at least 2 classes or recordings a week.
  • The winner will get the whole sum of R 50’s from everybody!
  • I will participate in the same manner as you are but am NOT eligible to be the winner.
  • all entries must be submitted with photo latest 1.8.2020

How does that sound?

Are you in?

Mail or what’s app me if you need more info!




We are in this together. Together we are stronger!


Should you need more help Life coaching is available for all Budgets and Timelines.

I coach with Passion from my heart to bring you to your desired Goal!




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