How are you communicating with yourself?

*What do you tell yourself everyday?*

While out on a run this week, I came up with a new mantra for myself. I repeated it over and over again…

Take the step,
Count each rep.
You don’t need a map,
You just need your head.
Clear the fear,
The universe has got your rear.
Don’t try to hide,
The horizon is wide.
There is room for your success,
Let it manifest.

I almost started shouting this out while I was running. The more I repeated it, the more I believed it.

Now it’s your turn to start convincing yourself that you are worthy. Come up with your own mantra (or use mine) and shout it out.

It’s time we stop hiding from our potential; to stop being afraid of our own success. Yes, we’re going to fall face-first in the mud. But wear that mud proudly. Get up and keep going. Never stop moving; take one step closer to your goal every day.

Close your eyes and picture the person your want to be. Not the person everyone expects you to be but the person YOU want to be. The person you were born to be. She (or he) is standing just on the horizon. Can you see her (or him)? No? Take a step closer, and another, and another. Do you see now?

The world is so ready for you and your passion. That person staring back at you in the mirror is the *only* person you have to be accountable to and accountable for. Which means it’s up to you to put in the work – to wake up at 4am to chase your dreams; to lace up your sneakers when it’s raining outside and go for the run anyway; to face every day, it’s challenges and opportunities, with vigour and excitement.

Get out of your own way and own up to your truth. Be honest about what’s preventing you from losing the weight; from getting off the couch and building your dream body; from getting on your bike and training for the 94.7 (ok, that was meant for me, but you get the idea). Get up, get out, and get going.

No one else is going to do it for you.

No excuse , no matter where in the world you are !

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