True colors reveal themselves in crisis

True colours reveal themselves in crisis

I got a lot of negative comments in the last couple of days,
 criticism for not being perfect in my presentation on various teaching 
and even being too german ( whatever that means ) and being too positive.

After a day of stewing this over,
I decided,
we are all learning in this new situation 
and if I was to positive for your liking I am not sorry.

I am well aware of economical pressures and fears.
I am sitting in the same boat as you.

I decided on purpose to send this blog out daily.

This was my choice as people like my blog and benefit from it.

This was my choice as I am passionate about helping you.

It is vital in this time of uncertainty to stay positve and focused.

We all will our wobbles and running around like headless hopeless chickens at times.

Reach out if that happens!

We need Life lines thrown to us so we can reach out to somebody!
or we need to be the Life Line!

The connection with our Life line helps us to stay positive,
 pulls us out of a negative spiral and with that increases our immunity.

Mental health is so important for the immune systems.
From a holistic point of view
 anger, sorrow, depression, anxiety and many other negative feelings
make your body more acid which in return creates a whole lot of health issues.

Apart from that your Brain goes into "Fight & Flight Mode",
guess what ? no more productive , proactive thoughts coming out of your brain.
yor brain is literally in Fear lock-down.

I can't let that happen!

Exercise is vital to keep your mental and physical being in top form.
After all that what we need to cope with all the strains now and later.

2 of my options here to help you:

fully interactive App:
personally run and populated with exercises for you

7 day free trial
no credit cards
by invite only, because I want you to get the best of me!
subscriptions start at R 200/month _blank


live streaming Pilates classes via Zoom
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Individual, Duet - & Group-classes!
and NEW Life-coaching combined with exercise classes.
contact me, chat to me, so together we find the best solution for you:

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