Oh, I am looking forward to Easter weekend.

Peace and quiet.

Time to read, watch tv, read books, and figure some new skills out for my business and for me.



It’s a bit more than that.

Do you know the feeling of being an introvert and at the same time being a part-time extrovert?

Let me explain myself.

I had to learn to be alone with myself, it was a long journey learning to love myself enough that I was comfortable being alone with myself. I can now watch a movie and really watch the movie without hammering on my laptop away simultaneously.

I couldn’t even keep myself busy because being alone meant for me running around like a headless chicken.

I learned to be alone and learned to like spending time with myself.


I need people.

I need to be with my Pilates community, chat to my Coaching clients, meet family and friends face to face.

The feeling of heaviness on my shoulders, an emptiness which comes over like the dark clouds covering the sunshine is overcoming me like a silent fog and once I started engaging with the right people, the clouds are disappearing and the world got its sunshine back.

I think a lot of us are forced into the heaviness of being lonely and all I can ask you to engage with people.

Phone a friend, a person you haven’t spoken to in ages, book a video call with somebody far away.

Take this chance to connect to people.

Take that as the opportunities off lockdown. The opportunity of the experience.


lots of Love Christiane



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