Happy Easter

I have never been in this situation and the whole world has never been in this situation.

The whole world fears and faces health, existence and mental threats.

Anxiety is driven high and as so often in an emergency people reveal their true faces, people get parted like the sea in selfish and compassionate people. I feel there is no grey. It is not about how much (monetary) you can help, but that you help from your heart and soul.

I have been several times in my life in existential fear and yes I have not had the experience of living in an informal settlement without water and electricity yet I had a few times the chance to lose everything, close to thinking that me not being in this world would be better for my kids and family because I felt ashamed of the choices I made.

I have been for years in a domestic and emotional violent relationship and ended up out of the rebound in an emotionally dysfunctional relationship which made me question my choices, tried other choices which ended up in another dysfunctional relationship. More wounds got added and finally, I had the guts to stand on my own two feet and face myself and the scars the wounds left.

I am now in a position that I value those 30 years or more for the learning I got out of it. Learning which helped me grow mentally, physically and spiritually. It made me a person who understands myself better and therefore can help others much better.

I might not be able to help financially but I do know that I can help people physically and mentally and that I do that with all my love.

I am grateful for that.

And I am grateful to my children for always standing by me, supporting me and believing in me.

In the times we live in right now our mental health is threatened due to the obvious chaos, turmoil, and uncertainty we are facing.

Anxiety, Depression and even suicidal thoughts are frighteningly high and I can identify with those thoughts.

It is not that we made a wrong choice, yes maybe you and I could have saved more money, didn’t buy a silly thing so we could have rather had more money in a savings account for this ‘rainy day’, but hindside is great, but useless right now.

I challenge you right now to ask yourself…..

How can I help?

What can I do to make somebody feel better right now?

What can I do to have somebody go through this day with a smile on their face?


Apart from that remember if you are not looking after yourself then you can not look after others.

It is with a reason that the stewardess says on a plane to put the mask on your face first before helping others.

Pilates is a true connection for mind, body and soul. and on top of it is an amazing crosstraining too for any sport and all classes are taught by me in real-time via Zoom.

I love being in your house

One of the latest testimonials: I’m feeling sore, happy and irritable all at the same time. I’m feeling strong for a reason I cannot fathom because I certainly couldn’t do all the exercises. I’m also feeling grateful. I love your Pilates class:!it’s not competitive but it’s challenging, it’s both forgiving and demanding – and something happens to me chemically afterwards… I feel like I can take on the world. I feel beautiful. Thank you -Nandi

After I read this I was ready to taker on the world, I am achieving what I set out to do.

I often combine this with my qualification as a life-coach and

right now this is helping many people to stay focused, lowering their anxiety levels and helping them to get out of ‘fight and flight’ mode.

Panic has never served anyone and reacting to a situation doesn’t move you forward, the right choice should be being proactive.

If you feel that I can help you with either or both,

please what’s app me or email me.


I am running a lockdown special for both Pilates and Life-Coaching as well as introducing now a new individual class which combines both.

” 1/2 hr Pilates + 1/2 hr Life-coaching = 1 hr of Positivity “


and don’t forget my fully interactive App which will give you at least 30 min a day exercises.


christiane@christianeebert.com or +27824670421


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