Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!

Most of us had to get our head around this “lockdown’.

I had to get my head around to teach with social distancing.

I offered teaching via zoom for years already, but now it is a necessity.


My Zoom calls with all of you have become the window to the world.

Interaction with other people is for most of us a human need.

Some of you have the opposite, too many people in one space and some of you are totally alone.

Two total opposites and I can hear the mums with toddlers already shouting “please can I have some alone time, I swap any time.“


This is a new status quo for most of us and requires some time to getting used to.

On the one side, we could have a potentially non-stop audio overload


On the other side silence and loneliness.


Both scenarios can end up in anxiety, erratic behaviour and to say the least unhappiness and tears.


Both scenarios can affect your, mental, emotional and physical health!


Social Isolation and Anxiety has been linked to higher blood pressure and cardiovascular disease, vulnerability to infection and an overactive immune response.


As it is always my motto we need to make a plan,


Exercise with me over Zoom or in the garden,

Talk to your loved ones on Skype, Zoom or another visual platform.

Exercise in groups together on a virtual platform,

like for example my APP.

Play games,

Mini competitions with your older kids, like Mini-Olympics, actually also good for adults,

Try and do something fun at least once a day…….


People are coming up with so many amazing ideas at the moment join in.


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