Are you letting Drama and Fear dictate your Life ?

We are all in the same boat!

We are afraid. Full of uncertainty and fear of the unknown.

A silent and invisible enemy.

An enemy who is threatening to destroy our current existence and our financial stability as we know it.

And I hear you! I am in the same boat!


the world is not going to come to an end! Meaning the earth will be still there!

What does that mean?

That we have a chance!

Put this into perspective.

If we all are responsible and help others to be responsible than we gonna come out on the other side.

And we have a chance to build lives up again.

If this would be a nuclear war and the world would be inhabitable for years to come that would be even worse.

There is always a worst-case scenario!

Don’t stay in ‘Fight & Flight Mode ‘.

There is always a ‘silver lining’.

I strongly believe in this.

Trust me I had and will have my meltdowns, and fearful temper tantrums!


if I stay in my Drama than I am burying myself in quicksand and I will not come out on the other side with my sanity and my mental health intact.

We need to keep our physical and mental health.


Because we will come out at the other end and need to be stronger and fitter to help others to be strong and fit, mentally and physically.

I will always have your back and physically and mentally!


lots of love, Christiane

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