My journey, my why, my what!

My journey, my why , my what

Last week a client and I sat and done vision boards.

A rather easy task you think.

We both done it together and most of my clients are than done with the project and hang the beautiful task up in the wall to view it every day and being reminded of their dream.

This was different!

This was a journey of self discovery and being able to see the ‘ why ‘ clearly and establishing the what.

This was a 4 hour journey of pasting pictures,creating a collage of thoughts on a poster board and journaling several  pages in a special book explaining the vision book and creating a deeper connection to the pictures.

And you know what was so amazing ? Seeing the absolute delight and excitement on her face, we turned a dream into a goal!

I am feeling so grateful to be part of my clients journey as a Life coach and helping them to transform their life’s .

Below is her take on this amazing journey:

“ I was procrastinating writing a story about my business goal for many weeks. Chris knows me well now and said we will do a vision board together. It was so much fun and took the pressure off for doing “homework” once I had done the board I was able to journal about it. I was so excited my writing was illegible in some paragraphs 😆. Thanks for providing this creative space for me to make sense of my ideas and not letting my fears prevail.”

Contact me if you need your life uplifted to a new transformational Level .

All session will be held on Zoom and I create different times for different needs and budgets.

It’s your exciting journey, let’s make it special!




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