Eat yourself thin 🤔🤭😳?

I’m reading a book about Pilates and posture, illness, and injury. The author, Jane Paterson, lists the advantages of good posture and the disadvantages of bad posture.

* Ensures progressive but controlled development of all postural muscles
* Helps maintain overall body fitness so that physical activity is efficient and well coordinated
* Helps to protect the spine, especially when picking up heavy things
* Helps to compensate for skeletal changes that occur with prolonged illness and age
* Helps protect the back and prevent injury during pregnancy
* Promotes a feeling of well-being, confidence, and poise when sitting, standing, moving, and in general day-to-day activities

* More rapid and sometimes permanent skeletal changes with age
* Muscle imbalance and resulting injuries
* Less efficient breathing and circulation
* Sluggish digestive system
* Lack of coordination and reduced ability to move with ease
* Adverse effect on mood and well-being

I was wondering, what if we replaced ‘posture’ with ‘confidence, self-esteem, and happiness’? Just as we need to make an effort to sit and stand up straight, we also need to make an effort with our health and body. It might not be a priority when we’re in our 20s – because we’re invincible then, right? But it gets more and more important as we get older and the niggles start to set in.

I see too many people who glue themselves to the couch because something hurts or they don’t feel well. If I played dead every time my knee or back hurt, I’d be an obese and haggard old woman whose only company was her cats.

I’ve set certain standards for myself and my business and I won’t lower them for anything – even pain. I have goals and I have to push through if I want to achieve them and move on to better things.

This weekend was a disaster with eating. It was my daughter’s birthday and that meant sweets and cake. I ate everything that came past my face and I felt pretty crap by Sunday. But now it’s time to get my confidence back and that means no sugar this week. I know that when I start to feel better about myself, I’ll walk tall again, with good posture, and enjoy all the benefits that comes with a healthy body and mind.

What are you doing this week to give yourself a confidence boost? Let me know if you need support. I’m just a phone call or app message away.


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