Oh my word I hate the word Diet!

Let’s just have another slice of cake.

What? You don’t eat cake.

Right! The biscuits you ate and hid the evidence?

The smarties you bought for your kids and hid the evidence before they could see it?

The cupcakes you ate at the tea get-together with friends, while you stated that you are actually on a strict diet and NEVER eat that normally?

The ice-cream in the evening in bed in front of the TV is purely medicinal and you deserve it since you had such a tough day?


Do any of these scenarios hit home?


Well… they were certainly part of my journey.

Endless yo-yo dieting, punishing myself with too much or too little food, counting calories in a way my accounting teacher would be proud of.


But let’s get back to you?


How dare you say that, what do you know about me?

I don’t know you yet, but I hope I will get the chance to know you.


What I do know is that for too many years I was stuck in the quicksand of self-denial and a distorted picture of myself and my surroundings.

What I do know is that if it wouldn’t have been for my coach, I would still be an ostrich with my head in the sand and not believing for one second in myself.

More the opposite, I needed the affirmations and opinions of others to tell me what to do, when and how. But inside me, deep inside me was this woman screaming to be fulfilled and happy again, a woman who wanted to be heard and make her mark in the world. A woman who wanted to be proud to be a woman of middle age and create milestones, after all life only starts with 50 right!


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