What is your non-negotiable Cause?

Oh, my word!

I love technical stuff and generally regard myself not too stupid, but boy this has been a tough learning curve.

Setting up email sequences and actually getting them to work. Some of you received nothing, while others got it multiple times, and others received a jpg instead of a pdf.

When anxiety and temper tantrums start over failing techno stuff then you know it is time to get out of the house and off to the local café.


I am passionate about my Life Coaching practice and love to tell everyone all the time but, and there is the little word but, that means that I have to put myself out there, raise my voice and shout it out.

I am sure you know that feeling too. It’s easy to talk to a familiar audience but to talk to strangers or even unknown strangers is scary and my German styled English writing style doesn’t help at times.


Arrrrg! It’s so much easier to write straight from the heart, like now, or to chat with someone.

So, I took myself off to create, because my roof was falling on my head! I am not sure if this is now a German or English expression lol.

Sometimes people get a whole mouthful from me in German and I don’t even realize it, just their slightly empty expression gives it away.


So, if you didn’t get the emails, at least you didn’t get them in German.

Please shout if your email went missing or arrived but the wrong attachment. I will send you your Affirmations for Weight Loss and Confidence individually.


Now, that is that out of the way, let’s talk about confidence for a second or two.

People always say when they see me talking or teaching that I come across so confident!

Thank goodness or you wouldn’t hear a word out of my mouth for an hour of teaching or coaching.

But, being honest, I’ll let you know that I’ve had to learn this. Sometimes when I stand in front of a crowd I have to think “Come on Christiane, you are good, you look ok, you are teaching well and nobody here is biting you, it doesn’t matter if you do sound too loud or too quiet or if nobody laughs at your joke, it’s ok, all is good.”

I stand in front of you as ME, with all my passion, love and enthusiasm to help. The same is true in my Life Coaching!

I want to help! I want to listen! I want to create change with you! I want to help you to be your next level self, be it in Pilates (exercising) or in Life Coaching (Core Strategy Coaching).

Why am I telling you all this? I want to show you that the CAUSE is creating confidence, the WHY is creating confidence!

Sometimes you have to find your WHY first to make your goal a non-negotiable goal (cause)!

Is it weight loss? A new start after a divorce which I know is terrifying. Empty nest feeling, even if your teenagers have not even gone yet but in their mind,  they are.

Or your kids have really left the nest and you’re looking around asking yourself “Now what?”

All of these are so HUGE and weigh so much, but you have to make a decision that dealing with this a non-negotiable! It needs to be so important that you look at yourself in the mirror and say, “No more, not one step further, this has to change!”


Get in touch and let me know how I can help you.


Just so you all have a chance to get my powerful Affirmations here is the link again.

I am really passionate about Affirmations and all you have to do leave your email and they be delivered to your inbox.



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Chat to you soon.

With love, Christiane

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