Together we Conquer!

Our minds are operating at 100 miles/hr at the moment.

A challenge mentally, physically and logistically.

But you know what?

We will get through it!


Because we don’t have a choice!

We have to rise to the challenge and make it work.

I taught and coached yesterday several individual and group classes over Zoom in real-time!

Even that I totally forgot to eat ( yes I know not the right thing to do),

I loved every minute of it.

I had achieved yesterday what I am passionate to do.

Reaching out to people, helping people to better their quality of Life.

Be it Fitness, Pilates, Rehabilitation or Life coaching, I am always only a Zoom call away.

If you need me, contact me.

If you know somebody who needs me please tell them about me.

We need to help each other so we all come out of this Experience with the least amount of negative side effects.

All my Love Christiane


Please note the new group Time table below. Install Zoom, book your class and Voilá ….ready to go.

If you need help setting it up let me know 🙂


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