” The Experience “

I woke up with an epiphany this morning.

I am going to change the perspective of this whole situation.

I am calling it from now on ‘The Experience’,


because I am not gonna be caught up in this downward spiral of Fear and Emotions.

The word “lock-down” is already giving us the feeling of Prison.

We are held Prisoner by our Fears and Emotions.

I can not take the Situation away, but I can alter my reaction to it.

I choose to stay positive, fair and kind.

I will remember that whatever I do has a snowball reaction and how I treat people has an impact on the people they treat in return.

I will remember that we will come through this Experience and that our behaviour today will dictate the outcome in the future.

How do you want to be remembered ‘on the other side’?

Your decisions today will write your Legacy for tomorrow.


All my Love Christiane


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